Country weddings – Marriages

Country weddings - Marriages

One of the most versatile options for those who want a dream marriage, is a country wedding. These type of celebrationes in open spaces, full of nature, has many advantages; Here we mention some of them:

Country weddings – Marriages

Open spaces and rural environments are propitious to offer your guests a moment of harmony, relaxation and tranquility. The beauty of a natural landscape is unmatched.

country weddings

Enjoy a beautiful sunset in the midst of elements such as: colonial and republican buildings, water fountains, exotic gardens, lakes, giant trees and trails, among many other features, often weigh a lot when choosing the ideal place for your wedding.

Luxury country weddings

Many people consider that elegant weddings can only be held in large luxurious halls and prestigious sites in the city. While it is true that country weddings lend much more, for the handling of rustic elements such as wood, jute, hay and all kinds of minimalist decoration, this does not mean that an elegant wedding can not be done in a natural environment.

country weddings

The rural marriages are usually rustic, which helps significantly budget, however they can also be luxurious, with very elegant decorative elements, like those of any majestic room in the city.

Suite for a conutry wedding

In a country environment you can cite your guests with fresher and more relaxed clothing, for example, guayabera men and women with flowing dresses for more comfort. However, the fact that the wedding is country, does not require you to use informal clothes, in fact you can quote people with a much more formal etiquette and make a very elegant reception.

Remember, it is your marriage celebration, and leaving a bit of protocol, you are free to call your guests as you consider. Actually the clothes will depend much more on the climate and the region where you decide to make your wedding; For example, if it is on the beach, a formal suit would not suit you; on the contrary, if your reception is in a cold country zone, a formal suit is the ideal one.

Catering service for a country wedding

As for food and beverage issues, if you do your wedding, you will not necessarily have to offer a gourmet menu, you can get out of protocol. Menus with appetizers and desserts; or menus of two, three or more times, are not as relevant in rural environments, as they are in luxurious city halls, clubs and hotels.

In fact the theme of food for country weddings is very relative and will depend largely on your budget and what you want to offer. And while it is true that you could provide a top menu with the highest standards of technique, it is also true that in a country environment you could offer a less elaborate dish, like a typical menu of the region, leaving aside, if necessary, what gourmet

Wedding planners

Regardless of whether your wedding is country or not, it is vital to leave the planning in the hands of a professional, many call wedding planners, others call them event organizers.

Whatever word you decide to use, the important thing is that the company or person you hire for the coordination of your marriage, articulates and directs all suppliers that are involved and directly or indirectly affect the organization of the event.

There are many variables to coordinate: catering, decoration, furniture, furniture, technical production, artists, logistics, lodging, transportation, church, permits, photography and video, pastry, rings, invitations and dresses among others. Do not let a single detail escape, consult an expert in wedding planning.