Coomeva Directors Dinner

Business events

On February 16 2018, we celebrated a business event for the managers of Coomeva, at Lake House Resort, Los Andes via Santander de Quilichao. The decoration that was made was on tables aged, for 36 attendees, with a decorative arrangement along the entire imperial table whose design was characterized by the composition of fruits, vegetables and flowers.


The arrangement included green apples, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, cucumber and lettuce. As for flowers, purple hydrangeas, white and pink roses, among other flowers with pastel colors and a variety of foliage were used. The decoration was complemented by four crystal chandeliers and white candles, giving it a touch of distinction and elegance.

This type of arrangements are perfect for rural environments and can be used for small, formal and informal meetings, where everything will be around a very special dinner.